Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The difference between being found and being lost in a sea of competitors

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Denver Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Company Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to compete and Dominate your local business industry.

Whether you’re selling products or services, a smart and effective SEO strategy should be at the core of your business marketing.


  • Whether you’re optimizing your website for more exposure
  • Planning an ad campaign on Google
  • Writing an article for your blog or website
  • Sending out a press release
  • Making a video
  • Basically any content you plan to release online…

…Can be optimized (SEO) for the search engines (ie. Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and many more).

The search engines are the index system for everything public online.

And “subject matter” is a way they categorize EVERYTHING!

 SEO is not intended to trick the search engines…

Quite the contrary. We are making it easier for the search engines to index all the content, by telling them through Search Engine Optimization, what our piece of content is all about, so they can better classify it, and send it to an appropriate search page.



Learn How To Compete with the Big Chain Stores

With corporate giants able to pour as much money as needed into marketing in order to squeeze out local competition, it has often become difficult for smaller business to survive.

That’s how things USED to be…, but NOW… the savvy smaller local businesses are looking for new ways to get a piece of the pie…And the small business piece of pie is getting bigger if you know how to effectively market your local Denver business online by way of Search Engine Optimization.

Our Search Engine Optimization Offer

** 5 keywords Ranked on the 1st Page of Google – $1250

That’s the service. Nothing fancy schmancy. But an extremely powerful position for your business to be in.

How the process works can best be explained by using an example that also explains exactly what a “keyword” is…which will also in turn explain exactly what “Search Engine Optimization” is and why it is so important and powerful for your local business.

What is a “keyword”?

When we say keyword we are referring to the actual phrase/search terms(s) that your prospective customers are typing into Google to find your products and/or services.

For example: Let’s say you own a bakery in Denver, CO, and you bake wedding cakes. Well Jill (fictional bride) is getting married and needs a wedding cake. She’s looking for a quality bakery to fill that need. She obviously needs someone local to provide it for her. So she goes to Google and types in “wedding cakes denver”. That…”wedding cakes denver” is the keyword. 

SEO Denver Google Search Snapshot

This is a fictional example, but really it’s not because this is exactly what happens EVERY DAY!

And when it does, if you are a wedding cake maker, you want your website to show up when Jill types that in. If you do, you have a very good chance of selling YOUR wedding cake to Jill for her big day.

Having your website be there on the 1st page of Google when Jill types that “keyword” in, only happens when your website is Search Engine Optimized and relevant FOR that keyword.

And THAT…is Search Engine Optimization.

Oh by the way…that keyword…”wedding cakes denver” gets typed into Google 260 times every month. :D


So now let’s talk about how we work with you and your business…

The first thing we do when looking for the best keywords for your business, is talk to you about your business. We could never know your business as well as you do, but we bust our tail finding out as much about your business as we possibly can. By talking to you (the business owner), researching your industry and possible keywords that searchers would type in to find what you offer, we come up with a list of actual keywords that your prospective customers ARE typing in (as shown to us by Google themselves).

Let’s jump back briefly to the “wedding cakes denver” example:

The screenshot below is taken from Google’s FREE keyword tool that tells us exactly how many people per month are typing in certain terms.  You just need to type in a “seed keyword” that you want to know about, and it gives you information on that seed keyword, as well as related terms.

Google Search Volume Search Engine Optimization Snapshot

If you’d like to try a search yourself you can find the free Google keyword tool at the following link:

Google is very transparent with this type of data. If you’ll notice I didn’t just make up that 260 searches per month. It’s what Google’s keyword tool showed me (highlighted in screenshot).

At this point when we have our list of keywords gathered, we run that list by you to make sure that the keywords we’ve come up with are relevant to what you offer… according to you.

Again, you know your business best and we don’t want to chase keywords that pertain to specific services or products that you don’t offer.

The list gets narrowed down to the 10 best keywords that fit your business… and that your website can rank on the 1st page for… and will make your business money by getting you customers.

Out of those 10, we will rank 5 on the 1st page. Typically, and more often than not your business website will rank for more than just 5 of the keywords, so that’s a bonus (we like to over-deliver!).

Search Engine Optimization Goes “LOCAL”…

…by going “local” you can actually level the playing field.

Every day more and more of your customers are turning to the internet for products and services. Current statistics show that as many as 89% of people will do a search online prior to purchasing. They may be looking for a review of a company, comparing pricing, or just plain looking for what they need (a solution to their problem), but there is no doubt that searching online is where they are going.

Our Denver Search Engine Optimization consultants know not only how to find your customers online by understanding why they search online, how they search online and what they are searching for online, but how to strategically place your business right in front of them when they are searching. That, in a nutshell is… Effective Search Engine Optimization Marketing.

SEO Help

Does your business need it?

These days it’s extremely important to have a website, and you may even have one already. You may have purchased a “build your own website” design program or even may have hired someone to build you a website. If you have then that’s great that you’ve gotten started, but it is most likely just a start.

***** If you haven’t yet taken that plunge of getting your business a website, please take a look at our Affordable Website Design options.

Everyday, more and more of your competitors are getting their business an online presence through a website…and you don’t want your business to fall too far behind. It’s “dog eat dog” out there in business, but you already know that.

But what you really need to understand is that there is a very big difference between having a website, and having a “Search Engine Optimized website” that can be found by your customers. Your website may be the best looking one out of all your Denver business competitors, with all the bells and whistles included, but it will do you absolutely no good if your customers can’t find it when they are looking for your products or services.

SEO Reality

The truth is that you DO NOT exist for most of your customers if your website does not show up when they search for what you have to offer.

Having a website with proper Search Engine Optimization that shows up in your customers search for the product or service that you offer is equivalent to having your business located on “mainstreet” where all the cars can drive by and see you. But it’s even more so on the internet.

If you’re not on mainstreet (the 1st page of results), maybe you’re located a couple blocks off of mainstreet where people still drive by once in a while and see your business. That’s how it is in real life, but not on the internet. Almost everybody (approximately 98%) that searches online will not go past the 1st page of results (mainstreet). That in essence means that the 2nd page or below is just not good enough and will never get you enough customers, because only the minority is looking there.

How SEO Works?

At Dobler Marketing, we use industry best practices and cutting edge techniques to safely and naturally get your website to the 1st page of results.

We have built our own “blueprint” of what works for us and more importantly… for your business, to achieve those 1st page results from years of studying, talking to other Search Engine Optimization professionals and listening to what the people who run the search engines tell us they want.

This has resulted in consistently driving more customers to local business, which is the whole point of doing SEO for your website. In business, there has to be a positive Return On Investment (ROI) or it’s just window dressing and a waste of time and money.

Our Search Engine Optimization Strategy

Our SEO “Blueprint” if you will, is a strategy with many steps involved that need to be done in a certain order, and in certain time intervals to achieve the results that you want. It has taken years of fine tuning and of course changes from time to time, meaning we need to constantly stay on top of the changes and continually educate ourselves by staying plugged in and test new ideas.

Basically the internet and search engines are “user” driven, meaning that people using them dictate how it evolves and changes according to their wants. Although “many” things stay the same, the real world as well as the online internet world do change as needs and wants change.

By testing, we know what is relevant today, what is no longer important to the search engines and people using them, as well as what is becoming more important into the future.

What’s Involved In SEO?

The main framework of parts to a Search Engine Optimization campaign include:

  • Search Engine Optimized Content (all the things you see on a webpage ie. text, pictures, video, etc.)
  • Proper Website Structure and Hierarchy (how it’s all laid out on the page and inter-links)
  • Specifically Optimized Coding (what you don’t see on the webpage, but the search engines do. ie. – webpage meta tags, descriptions, titles, etc. I know that sounds a little techno-geeky. Basically it tells the search engine what the page is about)
  • Off Website Strategies (such as creating business listing and “backlinking” with authority sites to name a few. Backlinking is basically the SEO practice of getting your website and pages votes that say it’s important)

That’s the main framework, and each part above is broken down into smaller tedious pieces of tasks that need to be done.

Can I just do the Search Engine Optimization Myself?

Of course you can, there is nothing stopping you from doing that. There is even great information out on the internet that will help you find out how to do Search Engine Optimization for your website…for FREE!

But if you’re like most business owners, you’re too busy actually running your business to really have the time to learn a new business, or even run a website. Once you are able to take the time to learn it, it’s like any other business that requires a lot of grunt work to be done in order to effectively run and manage the website and the marketing campaign.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all rocket science, but like your business is to you… it’s a labor of love, dedication and hard work.

We’re specialists in SEO, just like your business is your specialty. And just like your business is built on helping your customers solve their problems, our business is built on helping you solve yours… customer acquisition by way of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).